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Atlanta firefighters battle blaze at Paris on Ponce
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We are also making sure that the U.

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Army Corps of Engineers does its part to operate crucial reservoirs in Georgia in a way that ensures healthy stream flows. On the Coosa River in Alabama, we are participating in the relicensing process for seven Alabama Power dams to make sure that they maintain healthy water quality for recreation and aquatic life.

Alabama remains the only state involved in the tri-state water wars without a comprehensive water plan, putting the state at a severe disadvantage when competing with its neighbors for water without a plan to balance competing water needs within its own borders. SELC played a prominent role in the AWAWG stakeholder panels, using the opportunity to weigh in on policy issues and help develop potential legislation. Governor Kay Ivey disbanded the AWAWG in and reassigned the responsibility of developing a plan back to the Alabama Office of Water Resources and the Alabama Water Resources Commission, with instructions to review the report and develop a roadmap that includes recommendations on next steps, proposed timelines, and estimated funding needs to produce a water management plan.

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  • Advocating for the Long-Term Health of Two Major River Basins!
  • Advocating for the Long-Term Health of Two Major River Basins!

SELC and Alabama Rivers Alliance continue to advocate for a water plan that emphasizes conservation and efficiency and establishes flow standards to maintain healthy waterways, and urge Alabama residents to make their voices heard in support of a plan by visiting AlabamaWaterPlan.

Read more about the tri-state water wars. SELC is a non-profit organization that is supported entirely by charitable gifts from individuals, families and foundations.

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I have a lot of boxing skills. Atlanta has accepted me with open arms.

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Baltimore is always my first home, but being able to come here is special and I really appreciate the support. Gamboa is a tough opponent.

On December 28, my goal is to continue to prove everyone wrong. Gervonta is the young champion and Gamboa is looking for that glory again.

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I believe Gamboa is a fighter who is going to really try to bring the best out of Gervonta. This is a great opportunity for Gamboa.